Dating back to 1924, the Florida Citrus Growers sponsored the Florida Citrus Queen Program, devoted to the promotion of the Florida citrus industry. Each year they carefully selected a young woman to serve as a goodwill ambassador througout the state, the nation, and the world. Each year the Citrus Queen would reign over the Citrus Expo & Florida Citrus Festival and even made appearances at the World’s Fair. The Florida Citrus Queen has been photographed throughout the years with celebrities, dignitaries, and even the President of the United States.

In 1983, changing with the times, the name changed to Miss Florida Citrus and the selection process changed from that of a more traditional beauty pageant to three days full of interviews, videotaping, and media/communications judging by a panel of industry leaders. The title-holder became a full-time salaried employee of the Florida Department of Citrus, and Miss Florida Citrus traveled extensively throughout the year attending national conventions and conducting numerous television, radio, and print interviews as the media spokesperson for the Florida Citrus Growers.

The year 2003 signified the end of an era as the last Miss Florida Citrus was crowned. We invite you to take a nostalgic walk down memory lane as we celebrate the heritage of the Florida Citrus Queen and Miss Florida Citrus through the years.

Do you have photographs of Citrus Queens or Miss Florida Citrus title-holders? If so, please contact the archives ([email protected]) or Citrus Hall of Fame Executive Director Brenda Eubanks Burnette ([email protected]). Thank you!

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1924 Dorothy Williamson
1930 Ruth Snider
1931 Bertha Knight (Mrs. Hub Myers)
1932 Kathleen Kelly (Mrs. A.R. Hanson)
1933 Mary Lou Moore
1934 Marjorie Giddens
1935 Betty Runkle (Mrs.A.R.Hanson)
1936 Bee Huyck (Mrs. John Friesner, Jr.)
1937 Doris Harrison
1938 Beth Page (Mrs. W.R.Steen,Jr.)
1939 Mary Frances Capp
1940 Leone Johnson (Mrs. J.P. Brown)
1941 Elizabeth Colson (Mrs.Elizabeth Golden)
1942 Iveane Hall
1943 Sylvia Chambliss (Mrs. John McElvey)
1945 Laurel Norden (Mrs.James A.Lenfestey)
1946 Selma Rocker
1947 Nance Stilley (Mrs. Dan Hains)
1948 ShirleyRhodes (Mrs.Gus Deilens)
1949 Joan Cook (Mrs. R.D. Saunders)
1950 Kathy Darlyn
1951 Carolyn Stroupe (Mrs. Reginald J. Sambaugh)
1952 Pat Burgoon (Mrs. Pat Westphal)
1953 Marion Ettie (Mrs.John Szurek, Jr.)
1954 Ann Daniel (Mrs. John Adams); Also Miss Florida – became 1st Runner-up at Miss America
1955 Sally Ardrey
1956 Dorothy Steiner (Mrs. John Lodge)
1957 Frances Layton (Mrs. Richard D. Pope, Jr.)
1958 Kay MacLean
1960 Florence Cloud
1961 Sandra Guthrie
1962 Sharon Conrad
1963 Sue Scarborough(Mrs. James F. Farber)
1964 Nancy Collins (Mrs. Charles R. Trulock)
1965 Karol Kelly (Mrs.Fred Bullard)
1966 LaVoyce Leggett (Mrs.Lanier Porter)
1967 Patti Bohannon (Mrs. John Reaves)
1968 Lynne Allen (Mrs. E.Gaynor Slemons)
1969 Kathy Young
1970 Suzanne Rogers (Mrs. Bill Boose)
1971 Sue Comer
1972 Christine Couldron (Mrs. John Masters)
1973 WandaLynnMiller
1974 Debi Adair
1975 Sonya Surrency
1976 Candace Upthegrove
1977 Lisa Maile D’Alessandro
1978 Lisa Lyon
1979 Nancy Ness
1980 Teresa Mahoney Shuster
1981 Brenda Eubanks Burnette
1982 Dawn Griffin
1983 Deidra Perkins McLeod



1984 Lori Schirard Grubb
1986 Rosemarie Payne
1987 Renee McLeod Graham
1988 Judy Beretto Prisk
1989 Sherry Hensley
1990 Laura Benefield Pulido
1991 Mandy Hancock Jarrett
1992 Sheri Cook Richardson
1993 Emily Howell Rogers
1994 Tobitha Bryant Yeomans
1959 Sandra Freeman (Mrs. E. Duke Vincent)
1995 CandyGriffin Denton
1996 Dana Morgan
1997 Becka Cerni Robinson
1998 Shannon Potts-McDonald
1999 Kim Duppenthaler
2000 Kimber Wood
2001 Jennifer Peavey
2003 Morgan Ortagus
2004 Nichole ”Nikki” Upthegrove
2015 Summer Foley
2016 Stephanie Capon
2017 Rachel Smith
2018 Megan Price
2019 Michaela McLean
2019 Juliana Fray (Won Miss Florida)
2020/21 Leila Sabet (Covid – extended reign)
2022 Payton Barrington
2023 Casana Fink


The following video presentation was created by Mary Yurso, FSC Class of 2012, for the March 2012 50th Anniversary of the Florida Citrus Hall of Fame. The anniversary festivities included a Florida Citrus Queen reunion at the Ritz Theater in Winter Haven. It includes a pictorial timeline of the queens from 1924 through 2003.

A Florida Citrus Queen/Miss Florida Citrus Facebook page group was created for the 2012 Florida Citrus Queen reunion. Enjoy!

Casana Fink, Miss Florida Citrus 2023