A Brief History

The Florida Citrus Hall of Fame was established in 1962 to pay tribute to those who have made outstanding contributions to the Florida citrus industry. Seventeen nominees were inducted the first year and members of the industry have been inducted each year since. A committee (listed below) representing various facets of the industry and all production regions of the state selects the recipients in January of each year and the induction takes place each March.

The Florida Citrus Hall of Fame entered into a partnership with Florida Southern College to honor the history of our inductees and make that history accessible to the public. The Sarah D. and L. Kirk McKay, Jr. Archives Center on the campus of Florida Southern houses the Florida Citrus Hall of Fame wall display along with the State of Florida Citrus Archives, the Florida Southern College Archives, the Governor Lawton M. Chiles, Jr. Center for Florida History, the Frank Lloyd Wright collection, and the Ruth K. and Charles T. Thrift, Jr. Florida United Methodist Heritage Center.

Florida Southern College students and faculty have developed this website and will continue to research and update the information on all of the Citrus Hall of Fame inductees. A permanent endowment fund has been established for future Citrus Hall of Fame projects and student fellowships to maintain the wall display and website.

The partnership between the Florida Citrus Hall of Fame and Florida Southern College is a unique opportunity that will enable people from throughout the world to learn about the men and women who have made the Florida citrus industry what it is today.

We hope you will join us in supporting the accomplishments of these industry leaders and our quest to make those accomplishments known to future generations for many years to come.

Thank you for visiting and we hope you enjoy your time with our citrus pioneers!


The mission of the Florida Citrus Hall of Fame is to recognize those distinguished leaders that have made significant contributions to the industry and to preserve and share the rich heritage of Florida citrus.  To this end we are deeply involved with and committed to an outreach program that tells the history of the Florida citrus industry and the people that have done so much to make the industry a dynamic force in Florida.


Quentin Roe – President

Frank Hunt, III – Vice President

Lindsay Raley – Treasurer

Brenda Burnette – Secretary

Committee Members

Callie Walker
George Streetman
Dan Casper
Mike Garavaglia
George Hamner
Lindsay Raley
Mike Taylor
David Wheeler
Quentin Roe
Dan Gunter
Rex McPherson
James A. Snively
Anita Simpson
Dan Richey
Jim Ellis
Dennis Broadaway
Frank Hunt, III
Bobby Barben
Peter Chaires
William S. Castle (Bill)