I love scouring eBay and antique stores for citrus memorabilia because it’s always interesting to see how we, as an industry, used to do things “back in the day.” With that said, I recently came across an old ad from the Florida Citrus Processors Association for citrus pulp titled “Love at first bite because it’s highest in T.D.N.”

So, of course, I had to ask, “What the heck is T.D.N.!?”

Turns out, it means “total digestible nutrients.” The ad went on to explain that “Cows just naturally take to nutritious, pleasant tasting Florida Citrus Pulp. This clean, sweet smelling, easily handled feed is exceptionally high in T.D.N. (Total Digestible Nutrients). The 74% of T.D.N. is higher than either snapped corn or beet pulp. Florida Citrus Pulp is an energy feed that builds champions by increasing the weight, health and appearance. New crop production resuming now … Florida Citrus Pulp is the ‘Best of Feed for the Best of Breed.’ Order today by bulk or bag from your feed dealer.”
Now, as if that wasn’t a mouthful, the ad also offered “a free color Citrus Pulp Brochure or a ‘Men who Feed The World’ 16mm color film for group showing.”

Of even more interest to me, though, was the address for the Florida Citrus Processors office was listed in Daytona Beach, Florida!