Paul “Robbie” Robertson (1905-1981)

Inducted 1981


Florida Citrus Commission

Florida Citrus Mutual

Indian River Citrus League

Growers Administrative Committee

Florida Citrus Tower


Paul R. Robertson, also known as “Robbie” Robertson, was born in 1905. He began his distinguished career in the citrus industry in the late 1920s. Citrus would play a central role for over the next fifty years of his life. Robertson developed a motto that exemplified his lengthy and outstanding service to the industry: “Working together, learning together, growing together.”

In the latter half of Robertson’s career, he played an integral role in multiple agricultural committees, commissions, and leagues. Robertson served in leadership positions with the Florida Citrus Commission, Florida Citrus Mutual, Indian River Citrus League and the Growers Administrative Committee. A few years after the creation of the Florida Farm Bureau in 1941, Robertson helped found the Indian River County branch of the Bureau.

On June 4, 1963, during his time as the chairman of the Advertising Committee of the Florida Citrus Commission, Robertson attended the dedication of the Florida Citrus Tower. At the event, Robertson spoke alongside Florida Governor Farris Bryant. The Florida Citrus Tower in Clermont serves as one of Florida’s earliest tourist attractions, and still stands today.

Soon after he passed away at the age of 76, The Florida Citrus Hall of Fame inducted Robertson in 1981. Robertson is said to have focused his life around improving and marketing excellent citrus crops. At his induction, Robertson was called “a catalyst to marshal his fellow growers together to better understand problems confronting the industry and bring about solutions.” Robertson’s leadership during his extensive career proved invaluable to the citrus industry and its development in Indian River County.