O.D. “Buddy” Huff (1908-1984)

Inducted 1981


Florida Citrus Commission


O.D. Huff was born in Evinston, Florida, in 1908. He would come to be known by his co-workers, family and friends as “Buddy” Huff. Huff spent the majority of his life in the Evinston area working as a grower, packer, and gift fruit shipper. He was chairman of the Florida Citrus Commission from 1962 to 1971. During his time in this position, he helped to lead programs that contributed greatly to the successes of the Citrus industry. The Citrus community recognizes Huff for his leadership during the unprecedented industry growth period which began during the 1960s. As a champion of the Citrus growers, Huff fostered many programs which contributed to production and sales increases that were unequaled in history at that time. His leadership opened new markets, and helped move the industry to engage in new and innovative advertising and promotional programs. These were his finest achievements. The plaque Huff received at his Citrus Hall of Fame induction was inscribed with the phrase “His Leadership was a Stabilizing Force.” O.D. Huff would only live three more years after his induction, passing away in 1984, and leaving a fine legacy of assistance and contribution the Citrus Industry.