Jesse J. Parrish (1877-1948)

Inducted 1962


  • Egan, Fickett, & Company
  • Nevins Fruit Company, Inc.
  • Florida Citrus Production Credit Association
  • Florida Legislature
  • Florida Citrus Commission
  • Federal Marketing Agreement
  • Shippers Advisory Committee


Jesse J. Parrish was born in 1877 in Bowling Green, Florida, where his family owned a 10-acre grove. As he grew older, he became a major grower and shipper. He is credited with being a pioneer of citrus in the Indian River area.

Around the turn of the century, Parrish helped to found several important companies, the first of which was the Egan, Fickett & Company. He also founded Nevins Fruit Co., Inc., which was one of the first shipping associations in the state. The first Nevins label appeared on the market in 1898. Parrish yet again was the founder of the Florida Citrus Production Credit Association, for which he became president.

Parrish also had a long career as a public servant, serving 24 years in the Florida Legislature. He first served as a representative, then later a senator from Brevard County. Senator Parrish held the distinction of “never losing a citrus battle” in the legislature. He served as chairman of the Citrus Committee of the State Senate as well as President of the Senate. While in the legislature, he co-sponsored the bill which created the Florida Citrus Commission and he also helped to secure the Federal Marketing Agreement on citrus. He also served on the Shippers Advisory Committee.