James McIntosh Morrow (1891-1957)

Inducted 1962


Crescent City

Chase & Company

W.E. Lee & Company Packinghouse

Lake Garfield

Grower Sales Company


Adams Packing Company


Born in 1891, in Tallahassee to a citrus pioneer family in Tallahassee, James McIntosh Morrow spent his early years in Crescent City, Florida. In 1912 Morrow took a job with Chase & Company, and later became a manager of the W.E. Lee & Co. Packinghouse at Lake Garfield. Subsequently he worked with a commission firm in Boston, and as a buyer with Grower Sales Co.

In 1927 Morrow moved to Auburndale where he helped organize the Adams Packing Company, becoming its secretary and general manager. He eventually became Executive Vice President from 1945 to 1957. Morrow received a tremendous amount of praise for the role he played in turning the fledgling company into a prosperous operation, even during the hard years of the Depression and World War II.

Morrow was well known for promoting close relationships between growers and shippers, as well as his desire to better the industry. He was elected to the Florida Citrus Hall of Fame post-humously in 1962.