Edgar Lawrence Wartmann (1856-1934)

Inducted 1962



Marion County Commission

Crosby-Wartmann Packing Company

Pineapple Orange

Legislative Education Committee

State Board of Control

State Plant Board

Citrus Canker


Edgar Lawrence Wartmann was born in Harrisonburg, Virginia on October 6, 1856. Wartmann moved to Citra, Florida in 1875 where he began a small orange grove. He became involved in other aspects of the citrus industry, eventually adding a truck farming business and a citrus nursery. In Citra, Wartmann served two terms on the Marion County Commission. In 1882, Wartmann married Ada C. Burleson.

Wartmann became a business partner with William Joseph Crosby, forming the Crosby-Wartmann Packing Company in 1908. The pineapple orange was developed on property owned by this company. Elected to the Florida State Legislature, Wartmann served on the Legislative Education Committee, where he helped lead in the development of the current university school system. The University of Florida awarded him an honorary degree for his assistance in the development of control measures for the citrus aphid. From 1906 to 1928, Wartmann also served with the State Board of Control. From 1915 to 1929, Wartmann served on the State Plant Board, where he led the battle to eradicate citrus canker.

In 1962 Wartmann was among the first class inducted into the Florida Citrus Hall of Fame.