E.F. DeBusk (1920-1989)

Inducted 1991




Lime & Dolemite


Biological Control of Insects


E.F. DeBusk was perhaps Florida citrus’s greatest publicist. In the early days he assembled much information pertaining to the production and marketing of Florida Citrus. DeBusk used both newspaper articles and lectures to spread information on topics such as the importance of irrigation, the use of lime and dolomite, windbreaks, and biological control of insect pests. His efforts aided the growth and development of the Florida citrus industry. He also pioneered the use of the extension service to relay important information and discoveries to growers.

He was well known for his contributions in the marketing of Florida oranges for the production of juice. Using a slogan which he created, “Every 10 pounds of orange juice contains over 2 1/2 quarts of pure juice!,” DeBusk promoted the idea of selling oranges for the production of juice by the pound.

E.F. DeBusk was inducted to the Florida Citrus Hall of Fame in 1991, two years after his death in 1989.