Dr. Robert C. “Bob” Bullock (1924-2012)

Inducted 2011


  • IFAS Research Center
  • Aerial Spray
  • Temik
  • Admiral


Bullock, a research entomologist at the IFAS research center in Ft. Pierce for over 35 years, was known as the “growers’ teacher” for his hands-on knowledge of citrus production and development of integrated pest management practices.

He pioneered aerial spraying with fixed-winged aircraft for a number of pesticides, as well as the application techniques for Temik and Admire – while at the same time teaching the industry how to balance the use of those chemicals with natural resources to help protect the environment. Inducted as an Honorary Member of the Florida State Horticultural Society in 2008, Dr. Bullock was always available to help the grower with pest management concerns. “He was always just a phone call away,” noted Buddy Johnson.