Dr. O.C. Bryan (1894-1970)

Inducted 1972


Department of Agronomy

Soil Science Foundation (Applied Agricultural Research, Inc.)

Bronze Leaf

Malnutrition Symptoms of Citrus with Practical Methods of Treatment


Ollie Clifton Bryan was born in Coffee County, Alabama, on July 30, 1894 and came to the University of Florida as professor of soils and agronomy in 1923. He also served as Head of the Department of Agronomy from 1927 to 1937. He founded the Soil Science Foundation, now known as Applied Agricultural Research, Inc. in Lakeland, Florida. His accomplishments include identifying magnesium as an economical cure for bronze leaf, thus promoting the use of dolomite. He discovered that phosphates accumulate in Florida soils, bringing about significant savings to citrus growers. He was the author of “Malnutrition Symptoms of Citrus with Practical Methods of Treatment,” (1940). Color plates used in this publication allowed growers to diagnose mineral deficiency problems in groves. He also authored many other publications and articles, including “The Quality of Citrus Fruit as Affected by Cultural Practice,” which was printed by the Florida State Horticultural Society.