Carroll Elba Lindsey (1883-1952)

Inducted 1964


Lakeland-Highlands Canning Company (Juice Corporation of America)

Sunshine Goods, Inc.

Florida Citrus Advisory Committee

Canners’ League of Florida

Florida Canners’ Association

National Security Resources Board


Carroll Elba Lindsey was born in Chicago in 1883. In 1924, he made his way to Florida, where he joined Florida’s growing citrus canning industry.

In 1927 he formed Lindsey Lakeland-Highlands Canning Company, which later became Juice Corporation of America. He acted as the general manager of the new company, which was one of the earliest and largest independent plants in the state. He later became president of the Winter Haven-based Sunshine Goods, Inc. In 1940, Governor Spessard Holland appointed Lindsey to the Florida Citrus Advisory Committee.

He was one of the early organizers of the Canners’ League of Florida and he also served two terms as president of the Florida Canners’ Association. He later became president of the National Canners’ Association. Lindsey was also appointed to the National Security Resources Board in Washington, D.C., which was designed to manage the rapid mobilization of the nation’s canning industry in the event of an emergency.

Carroll Elba Lindsey was inducted to the Florida Citrus Hall of Fame in 1964, 12 years after his death in 1952.