Florida Citrus Hall of Fame Fellowship Program

The Florida Citrus Hall of Fame Fellowship Program was created in 2008 at Florida Southern College (FSC), in Lakeland, to help preserve and digitize citrus collections and memorabilia for inclusion in the State of Florida Citrus Archives held by the McKay Archives. This fellowship program is an opportunity for students to engage with collections about the citrus industry.

Each student is assigned a specific job during their fellowship term, ranging from handling intake of materials to scanning and appropriately cataloging the materials for research purposes and creating special displays. Projects currently underway include:

  • Processing and preserving collections like the Waverly Growers Records or the John A. Attaway Papers.
  • Scanning and adding select photographs to the Crate Label Database and Citrus Photograph Database.
  • Researching and designing physical and digital exhibits about special topics of the Citrus Industry
  • Researching and supplementing information on all of the Citrus Hall of Fame inductees.
  • Processing and preserving the Lake Avalon Grove Business Proposal manuscript. Conducting research on individual businessmen named in the proposal, photographing the land as it is now, and creating a digital project site with additional components.

The Hall of Fame currently sponsors five permanent fellowship opportunities each semester and one summer fellowship. Four of the fellowships are named after late Hall of Fame members, Frank S. Bouis, John M. Kennedy, Sr., and D. Victor Knight, Sr., along with a fellowship named after the Florida Citrus Hall of Fame. Students admitted to the program are typically in their junior or senior year and qualify for the program through interviews with faculty members from the Library and Archives. They are supervised by the FSC college archivist in the McKay Archives Center.

To make a donation to help with furthering education in citrus history and preservation efforts of the Florida Citrus Hall of Fame and the State of Florida Citrus Archives, send checks made payable to Florida Southern College, 111 Lake Hollingsworth Drive, Lakeland, FL 33801 with the memo line to read: FCHOF Fellowship Program. For more information, to donate citrus memorabilia and antique artifacts, or to receive an invitation to Florida Citrus Hall of Fame events, please contact Brenda Eubanks Burnette at 561-351-4314 or [email protected].

Florida Citrus Hall of Fame Fellows

Fellowship Academic Year Fellow
Florida Citrus Hall of Fame 2023-2024 Blake Hale
2022-2023 Blake Hale
2021-2022 Lauren Lassiter
2020-2021 Unfilled because of Campus
COVID-19 Employment Restrictions
2019-2020 Peter Edgar
2018-2019 Peter Edgar
2017-2018 Kelsi Shanks
2016-2017 Kelsi Shanks
2015-2016 Meredith Kaffee
2014-2015 Meredith Kaffee
2013-2014 Meredith Kaffee
2011-2012 Holly Bennett
Joshua Meadows
2010-2011 Holly Bennett
D. Victor Knight, Sr. 2023-2024 Emily Allen
2022-2023 Emily Allen
2021-2022 Karah Holt
2020-2021 Karah Holt
2019-2020 Emma Edgar
2018-2019 Emma Edgar
2017-2018 Caitlin Harper
2016-2017 Caitlin Harper
2014-2015 Trudy Weber
2013-2014 Trudy Weber
2011-2012 Dalton Davis
Frank S. Bouis
Established 2011
2023-2024 Kayla Simons
2022-2023 R. Chandler Talkington Fletcher
2021-2022 R. Chandler Talkington Fletcher
2020-2021 R. Chandler Talkington Fletcher
2019-2020 Katie Poinsett
2018-2019 Emma Morton
2017-2018 Peter Edgar
2016-2017 Kaitlynn Hoffman
2015-2016 Anthony Woodside
2014-2015 Anthony Woodside
2013-2014 Justin Richards
2011-2012 Mary Yurso
Frank S. Bouis Family 2023-2024 Lauren Gunther
2022-2023 Katie Poinsett
2021-2022 Katie Poinsett
2020-2021 Christine Sells
2019-2020 Christine Sells
2018-2019 Rebecca Rowe
2017-2018 Emma Morton
2016-2017 Peter Edgar
Emma Morton
2015-2016 Emma Morton
Selys Rivera
2014-2015 Selys Rivera

2023-2024 Florida Citrus Hall of Fame Fellowship Students at Florida Southern College

Emily Allen is the 2023-2024 D. Victor Knight, Sr. Student Fellow. Emily is a junior studying History and Pre-Law, and a member of Gamma Phi Beta sorority. She is researching the biographies and photographs of Florida Citrus Queens and writing posts for the Florida Citrus Hall of Fame Facebook page.

Kayla Simons is the 2023-2024 Frank S. Bouis Student Fellow. She is a Junior working towards her BFA in Art History and Museum Studies. She is active in the Florida Southern College Polk Museum Ambassadors Program and the Journal of Art History and Museum Studies. She researched topics about the Florida Citrus Queen pageants, and created exhibits for the Florida Citrus Queen anniversary.

Lauren Gunther is the 2023-2024 Frank S. Bouis Family Student Fellow. She is a senior English literature major with a minor in art history and is presently serving as president of Florida Southern’s chapter of Sigma Tau Delta. She is researching Florida Citrus Queens / Miss Florida Citrus winner biographies, along with details of the contests for blog posts and on-site exhibits in the McKay Archives.

Blake Hale is the 2023-2024 Florida Citrus Hall of Fame Student Fellow. Blake is a senior studying Biology. He is finishing creating metadata for The Florida Citrus Reporter project, locating and digitizing Queen Photographs, and working on Blog posts.

Tanzy Zviitwah is the 2023-2024 John M. Kennedy Family Fellow. She is a junior majoring in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. She is a member of Gamma Phi Beta sorority and the American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. As a new Fellow she is learning about the Florida Citrus Industry by researching and blogging certain topics related to citrus and soil.